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Pipos Doll Animation x

i will not recover from that for a while. 

holy crap omg

the gif don’t even show the like main parts… That time Pipos broke me into this weeping person…

Good lord, this animation…this is just….it’s heartbreakingly beautiful, so well crafted with a story so sorrowful and well done that it doesnt require words to convey itself.



I am actually surprised she put up with me trying to get her to guess all 48 of these guys, but she did and this masterpiece is the final result. I still can’t get over her thinking Yoshi was Kirby, I mean, I could understand her mixing him up with Jigglypuff but… Yoshi?


Little Mac played by Ben Affleck had me dead on the floor from laughter. I am now a Laughter Zombie.

The Mad Mayor Nopes Play 1 Take 2

OK, folks, so, while testing some things to make the face cam, I accidentally pressed New Game, and wiped my progress of making it to Night 3…..F***. Needless to say, that sticks in my craw, and Im taking it on from teh start again! Come and join myself along with ADEPTAdapter and Yusagi while they watch me scream like a little girl all over again!

So why the long hiatus?

Alright, I already know this is mostly going to fall on deaf ears. Never had that many followers to begin with, and I know it will be a while before I get any more, but hell, Im still going to give an explanation anyway. Last year around the time my hiatus began, I lost my job. Now, it wasnt so much a bad loss as many would expect, i was working for family and, at the time, I had a pretty hard time keeping the two apart like I wanted to. Over the summer, I had a pretty hard time keeping up as I was job searching and trying to find ways to keep my rent and bills up outside of Unemployment. Sadly, it wasnt until October of last year that I found a new job and had to put my main focus on it.

So where did that place the blog? Why no warning? Well, depression does hold some sway to it, but honestly, I was also losing my drive. I originally came to the site when I first found that I actually enjoyed My Little Pony and admitted to the fact that I was a Brony. From there, I absorbed more of the site and wanted to try so many things at once that I forgot a big problem: I burn out quick in frustration that I cant do everything, especially when that everything cant pay for the roof over my head like the manual labor I do that pays for the rent and bills. Once I got the new job, my focus had shifted, and has paid off as I am doing much better for myself despite other drama that happened recently. So much so, I am willing to try again.

So, where will my little Flavor Country go from here. Well, for now, i will reblog some thing that show up in my dashboard, give some of the ones I watch a little signal boost for those who still, and will in the future, follow me. I will also still endeavor to do what I wanted to do, write fanfiction when I have the time and join my gaming buds to record, stream, and post gaming derps for all to see, love, hate, and otherwise derp with us. For now, this will be the only blog of the three I have that will be seeing some activity, but once I have my muse back, I will be continuing the adventure I started for a certain human stranded in in a word of ponies. Until then, just bear with me,l and look out for a post with a link tomorrow, as I will be streaming the next few nights of Five Nights at Freddy’s, hopefully with better capture of the camera x.x





Big Hero 6 (2014) | “Discovery” Clip

This is the clip that premiered with “The Story of Frozen” tonight on ABC.


reblogging again

he’s so fucking squishy looking, also I really really like how normal sounding Hiro’s voice actor is instead of some over-acting celebrity voice actor or those ones who have done a billion cartoons and are too seasoned to play a normal person convincingly (no offence)

I like it

|…..You have fallen” This is goin’ to be good!

And now, PART 2! Even more Freddy Madness to come, especially on Twitch! What, didn’t know my boys and I had a Twitch? Well, I haven’t been on in a while, that’s only natural. Stay tuned, I’ll post a link to it when I start the next stream!

Ok, folks, this post is kind of two fold. Its been nearly a year since my last posting, and I promise, my reasoning will come soon. Needless to say, I will be posting more often, but for now, I have something new to show off! Watch me scream like a little girl while I play Five Nights at Freddy’s! WOO!

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